Resume CDR Michael G. O'Shea, USNR(Ret) ******
Michael G. O'Shea
Home: 703-978-1708
Work: 703-818-4064
4339 Still Meadow Road
Fairfax, VA 22032-1634

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In my career, I have performed as a Program Manager for theBackgrounds Data Center Project for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) System and was responsible for the conceptual design, development, procurement, installation and operations of the system; designed and implemented Quality Assurance Programs in accordance with Government Military Standards MIL-STD-2167/2168/498 and ISO-9000; designed and maintained databases, applications, and WEB Sites utilizing mSQL, MySQL, ORACLE, SYBASE, INGRES, INFORMIX, ACCESS and RBASE, ASSEMBER, BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, C, PERL, JAVA, JavaScript, TKL, HTML and C++, designed and installed systems using DEC, SUN, IBM, VAX, WANG and Zenith Data Systems using Local Area Networks (LANS) and client/server architecture; and provided systems engineering functional inputs to proposals. estimates of cost, work packages, and reports. My areas of expertise are listed below.

Project Management Programming System Analysis System Engineering
Certified Internal ISO-9000 Auditor Configuration Management Quality Assurance Management Software Design
System Integration System Operations Nuclear Weapons Engineering Electronics
Computers Certified Combat Systems Engineer Satellite Systems Control and Management Inter/Intranet WEB Design and Development
WEB Graphics Design

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US NAVAL ACADEMY Bachelor of Science in Naval Engineering, U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, 1966
NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL Master of Science in AIR/SPACE Physics, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, 1972
ISO 9000 Internal Quality Auditor, Eagle Group, USA, Inc, 1996
Software Quality Assurance Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1993
Team Building, Improving Working Relations, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1993
Ordnance Engineering Duty Officer, U. S. Navy, 1988
Microcomputers, National Technical Schools, 1980
COBOL, Adult Education Fairfax County Schools, 1979
Master Automotive Technician,National Technical Schools, 1978
Home Entertainment Electronics, Bell & Howell Schools, 1975

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Computer Science Corp/DynCorp/GTE Information Systems Division/Contel Corporation/TELOS Corporation 1989-Present

CSC Corporation

June 2003 - Present

Senior Systems Engineer

Senior Member Quality Assurance Staff providing Quality Assurance Support for the FBI Trilogy Project mainly involved with testing the Prototype System and supporting system rollout.

Dyncorp Corporation

August 1997 - June 2003

Senior Systems Engineer - Dyncorp IS LLC

Senior Member Quality Assurance Staff providing Quality Assurance Support for the FBI Trilogy Project mainly involved with testing the Prototype System and supporting system rollout. Senior Member Technical Staff providing engineering support to the FAA Aeronautical Information System (AIS) development, DUATS (Direct User Access Terminal System), and National Weather Wire System 2000 (NWWS2000). Responsible for the WEB Server development portion of the AIS and NWWS2000 Systems. Designed, coded, and integrated the HTML, Perl, JavaScript, and WEB graphics into a cohesive Graphic User Interface to the AIS, WEB DUATS, and NWWS2000 systems. Designed and conducted Y2K code compliance checking on all code for the FAA AIS system. The system operated through the year 2000 rollover with no errors. Received an "Excellence Award" for performance in September 1997, October 1998, December 1999, and February 2001 for work completed on AIS.

January 1992 - August 1997

Senior Systems Engineer providing Quality Assurance for GTE Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) programs.

Providing Quality Assurance Engineering Functions for the software and hardware development on the FAA Leased A and B System(LABS) involved with weather data conversion from X.328 to X.25 circuits. Received an "Excellence Award" and $1500.00 bonus in May 1996 for contributions to the program. Produced, published and maintained the Quality Assurance Plan, Test Plan, and Test Procedures for the program.

Providing Quality Assurance Engineering Functions to the Direct User's Access Terminal System (DUATS) for the FAA. Functions included development, installation and maintenance of the Quality Assurance Plans for the program. Implemented ISO-9001 requirements into the program quality system which resulted in GTE ISD's ISO-9001 qualification. The DUATS Program has received excellence awards from the FAA. Awarded a GTE "Excellence Award" and $500.00 bonus in May 1996 for performance on the program.

Providing quality assurance, system engineering and system test support for software and hardware development on GTE's Data Link Processor (DLP) program for the FAA.

Served on the GTE ISD Process Review Board, which develops and maintains the GTE ISD standards for system processes, tool sets, development environments, and quality criteria. Provided maintenance and updates to the GTE ISD Discrepancy Analysis, Reporting, and Tracking System (DARTS). Designed, developed and conducted "Software Quality Assurance" training for the GTE Software Engineering Department.

CONTEL October 1990 - January 1992

Senior System Engineer

Designed, developed and maintained the GTE Federal System Division's interactive Discrepancy Analysis, Reporting and Tracking System (DARTS) utilizing Microrim's RBASE Versions 3 through 5.5 RDBMS Technology to insure management insight into the quality status of the programs within the Information System Division. The DARTS system reduced the average number of discrepancies open over 90 days from 4000 at initial operations to an average of 250 after 3 months of operations. Contel Corporation was merged with GTE Information Systems in January 1992

Providing Quality Assurance Engineering Functions for the software and hardware development on the Bureau of Prisons Inmate Telephone System (BOPITS) and Alpha Command and Control Information System (ACCIS) programs. Developed and published the Quality Assurance Plan, initiated and maintained the problem report and tracking system for the program.

TELOS Information Systems October 1989 - October 1990

Program Manager, Information Systems Group, Herndon, Virginia

Responsible for the initial design, personnel hiring, hardware procurement, software development, implementation and operation of the Backgrounds Data Center Project at the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC. The Backgrounds Data Center was completed within budget and ahead of schedule. Acted as Chairman, Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Data Centers, now known as the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO), Standardization Committee involved with standardizing the collection and dissemination of all SDI related data. Awarded a $5000.00 bonus by TELOS for excellence in performance on this program. TELOS Corporation was acquired by Contel Corporation in October of 1990.

General Electric Space Division 1977-1989

Senior Systems Manager, Springfield, Virginia office.

Performed duties as on-site Project Engineer/Manager. Designed, tested, installed, and maintained a data base system to store and retrieve photographic information for National Photographic Interpretation Center, Washington, D.C. The system involved client/server systems housed on SUN Workstations operating with UNIX operating systems, Optical Disk Storage, Sun Windows, and Informix, Ingress Databases. Wrote and maintained system operations and maintenance manuals.

Performed software verification and validation for the Trident MK 6 Guidance Test Station development. Developed test procedures and modules in "C" to perform system testing of the Test Station. Received GE "Professional Recognition Program" award June 4, 1986 for performance.

Coordinated communications and electronics evaluation and testing of real-time satellite applications hardware/software. Provided real-time support to operations, evaluated situations and provided responses to alter, replace and configure on orbit hardware and software to meet changing requirements and situations. Wrote applications programs in FORTRAN to interface the user terminal displays with down-linked data in order to provide better response times to anomalous conditions. Wrote and maintained operations procedures and manuals. Designed and conducted operational training for system operations personnel.



Special Weapon Technical Officer, Naval Magazine, Lualualei, Hawaii.

Supervised the production, planning, and control of the storage, transportation, and rework of special weapons in the Pacific Arena. Managed 50 technical personnel responsible for performing maintenance and rework of the special weapons. Acted as security officer in charge of a guard force of 50 Marines, responsible for base security.

Operations Officer, USS Ponchatoula (AO-148), Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Responsible for scheduling ship's operations in accordance with fleet schedules, operations orders and other directives. Managed the navigation, communications and combat information groups consisting of 65 personnel. The divisions were responsible for operations and maintenance of all the ship's communications (antennas, receiver/transmitters, cryptographics, teletypes and satellite communication equipment), radar and tactical display equipment. The ship was awarded two consecutive "Combat E" for excellence in operations during deployments to the South China Sea.


Student, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.

Received a Master's Degree in Air/Space Physics with major study in the area of Plasma Physics. Worked on an Air Force study of data from Chinese nuclear testing phenomena and wrote Masters thesis "Ionizing Shock Wave in a Theta Pinch Tube" as a result of the studies. Designed and rebuilt experimental equipment including the Theta Pinch Device to produce fusion and associated shockwaves in a laboratory environment to study the observed effects during the Chinese nuclear tests.


River Patrol Officer/Combat Operation Center Officer, River Patrol Flotilla Five,, Binh Thuy, Republic of Vietnam.

Performed canal/river patrols in the Delta Area of Vietnam supervising and responsible for 2 River Patrol boats and 10 personnel during Combat Operations. Managed the communications center in the Delta area, responsible for tactical communications and coordination of operational units on patrol. Provided daily briefings to the commander of operations and special briefings for visiting dignitaries and government officials. Received the "Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V" and various other awards for performance of these duties.


Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer, USS McDonough (DLG-8), Charleston, South Carolina.

Performed as ASW officer, responsible for the operations and maintenance of the ship's antisubmarine weapons systems. Managed 15 technicians in performance of their tasks. Atttended nuclear warhead maintenance and deployment, missile and tactical schools. The ship received two ASW "E" awards during this period for excellence of performance.

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United States Naval Reserve 1976-1991


Senior Project Officer, Space and Naval Warfare Command Detachment 406. Washington, D. C.

Assigned project officers and maintained status of projects to report to commander at Space and Naval Warfare Command. Passed oral and written exams to receive designation as a Combat Systems Engineering Duty Officer.

NSWC   Naval Surface Weapon Center (NSWC) Reserve Detachment 106, 1976-1986

1984-1986 Commanding Officer

Responsible for all Unit operations, reporting and interfacing with the parent command to determine and schedule unit responsibilities in accordance with the needs of NSWC, Dahlgren.

1982-1984 Executive Officer

Responsible for operations, budgeting, training, personnel evaluations, scheduling and reporting for the Naval Surface Weapons Center Reserve Unit. Acted as commanding officer in the absence of the commanding Officer. All junior officers in the unit eligible for promotion were promoted during this period.

1978-1982 Training Officer/Administrative Officer

Responsible for scheduling and execution all training for the unit to maintain a high level of mobilization readiness. The unit passed all readiness evaluation and inspections with no observed deficiencies during this period.

1976-1978 Project Officer

Worked on projects involved in Warhead Design and Evaluation, Velocimeter Testing and Evaluation Transportable Fast Attack Craft Conceptual Design, Vertical Launch System Nuclear Safety Evaluation, and Disaster Preparedness Procedure Development for the NSWC. Received recognition for discovering errors in test procedures for warhead stability, which would have endangered safety of personnel and cost the center $400K to correct.

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Robert Brunner, 2313 Rosedown Drive, Reston, VA, Phone: Work: 703-264-6701 Home: 703-476-0449, GE Supervisor

Mr. Mark Griffin, CSC, 15000 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, VA 22038. Phone: 703-818-5137,

Mr. Dennis Watson, CSC, 15000 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, VA 22038. Phone: 703-818-4630

Mr. Steven Dunkleberger, CSC, 15000 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, VA 22038. Phone: 703-818-4774.

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Computers Systems:

DEC Alpha, VAX 11/780, VAX 6210, VAX PDP-11, SUN 2/120, SUN 3/160, IBM 360, IBM 370, IBM 3033, IBM 3081, IBM PC, WANG PC, IBM 80386/80486/Pentium, WANG, ZENITH Z-100, ZENITH PC.

Operating Systems:


Programming Languages:

"C", "C++", FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, ASSEMBLY Languages, ADA, HTML, Perl, CGI, JavaScript and JAVA.

Data Bases:

mSQL, MySQL, Ingres, Informix, Sybase, Oracale, Dbase, RBASE, and MS Access.

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BSABoy Scouts of AmericaCommittee Member (5 Years)
Cub Master (5 Years)
Scout Master (5 Years)
Unit Commissioner (5 Years)
Veterans of Foreign WarsLife Member
NLUS U.S. Navy LeagueLifetime Member
NRANaval Reserve AssociationLifetime Member
Reserve Officers AssociationLife Member
BPOEBPOEMember 31 Years
*****Naval Academy Alumni AssociationLife Member
Smithsonian InstitutionLife Member

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Oil Painting
Leather Work
Jewelry Design
Music, Piano, Accordion

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Miscellaneous Information

Current Salary $92,000
Benefits Full Benefits
Vacation 5 Weeks



1 April 2004 Retirement from CSC
Consulting(Preferred)/Contract Work/Full Time No Benefits Needed

Security Clearances
Current Clearance: Top Secret (Updated July 2003)
Former Clearances: Top Secret with NATO/Top Secret/BI/SI with Polygraph 29 September 1988

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The Aeronautical Information System (AIS) is deployed as an end user workstation at ARTCCs, CWSUs and IFSSs to allow for performing weather operations, flight plan filing, retrieval, and supervisory functions. The AIS primary server is located at DynCorp in Chantilly, Virginia, and is accessed using the Netscape browser. Only authorized FAA and Department of Defense users access the AIS application. The AIS system is fully Y2K compliant.

The AIS provides authorized users the capability to access the system functions either through a direct network connection or through a dial-in line, using the Windows 95 operating system and Netscape network browsing capabilities, much like accessing and using any Internet application.

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FAA LABS is a telecommunications system located at Flight Service Stations (FSS), Automated Flight Service Stations (AFSS), Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC), regional offices, military base operations centers, and other locations specified by the FAA as requirements develop. The system interfaces and is compatible with the Government-Furnished Equipment (GFE) computer hardware and software installed at the Weather Message Switching Center (WMSC), located in Kansas City, Missouri and National Airspace Data Interchange Network (NADIN I). The system will be adaptable to interface with the Weather Message Switching Center Replacement (WMSCR) Systems NADIN located in Salt Lake City, Utah and Atlanta, Georgia, with the NADIN II concentrators located at the ARTCCs, and with other electrically and mechanically compatible Government sites/locations as required. The system will allow users to log on the GFE systems to receive flight planning data and file flight plans from remote sites.

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The Data Link Processor (DLP) is a FAA System which will allow remote sites and aircraft to request weather data from the WSMC site. The DLP will process the requests, retrieve the requested weather data, format the data, and return the display to the requesting site.

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The purpose of the DUATS system is to provide licensed pilots with the ability to obtain an automated flight briefing and file flight plans. DUATS also provides the pilot with information about the National Airspace System (NAS), validation of flight plans, computerized planning and optimization of flight plans, plain language translation of aviation weather, Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), and current weather graphics.

DUATS is a menu-driven system accessible 24 hours a day, via standard Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) communication packages or a special DUATS provided front end processor, which allows the user to receive and display weather and flight information. The DUATS system provides access via dial-in modems with speeds up to 56 Kb/sec, using MNP5 and/or v.42bis; the SprintNet X.25 national packet switching network; and TELNET access via the Internet.

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GTE Bureau of Prisons

The purpose of the BOPITS system is to provide metered/controlled telephone services to prison inmates. The project included the installation of the phone systems with hardened phones and the computer,databases and control software to log, compute and bill the prisoners for their calls.

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